Starting a Blog, Branding, Deciding to Put Yourself Out There... and other silly things to do when you have homework!

May 7, 2017

So, you've decided you are a writer. Cool! I'm proud of you... and here to help your dreams come true! 


Just follow these easy steps and you are guaranteed to become an international bestseller, trust me. 


1. Do you have a lot to do? Maybe a work deadline or tons of homework? WELL GUESS WHAT THIS IS THE TIME TO START A BLOG, CHANGE ALL OF YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA, AND (of course) WRITE.


2. Be silly, be yourself, be honest, be kind.


3. Believe in yourself. You are your own champion. 


4. Editors are your new best friends. Maybe that means your grandma reads over your work or your three favorite college friends somehow get roped into editing your work without entirely knowing how that happened. Maybe you are working with a professional (how awesome is that!). Trust them, love them, listen. 


5. Do it. Just do it. Write, send out that query letter, start that blog. Do the things and do them now. 


6. You have a story to tell. Your story is unique. No one has ever read your exact story before. You have creativity and imagination bubbling in that mind of yours. And that is all pretty powerful. 



7. There are always excuses. For example, you might have homework due at midnight and two separate plans with friends that seem to be getting in the way of putting yourself out there right now immediately. Want to know what I think about that? Read #5.


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