A Teacher's Schedule (Preschool Style)

May 8, 2017


5:30am-6:30am: Wake up, get angry at the universe, remember how adorable your students are, get out of bed. 

*Commute takes place somewhere around here. Time does not exist during the Commute. At some point you get to school.*

8:00am: Students start arriving.

8:30am: Serve breakfast. Think Sunday Brunch, but like from a cafeteria?

9:00am: Clean clean clean, pray to the transition lords that students make it to the carpet without breaking five things and starting a fight.

9:10am: Remember you have a schedule. Morning meeting was supposed to start. You should get on that. 

9:15am: Morning Meeting starts. Five kids are rolling on the floor. You read a morning message, try to cram in a bunch of learning, cry, dismiss to journals for emergent writing exercise. 

9:30am: Student are in Centers. Chaos rains. Creativity is abundant. Rockstar teachers throw in Small Groups, where students learn mini lessons and do activities. Tons of learning going. Seven more fights start. 

10:15am: Read Aloud. Those five kids are still rolling on the carpet. Maybe they never stopped? Throw in some phonics for good measure. 


11:00am: Play all day. 

11:30am: Do you remember when you signed up to work at a restaurant? Because apparently you did. Serve those kiddos lunch. 

12:00pm: Nap is so close. You can almost taste it. It tastes like unsalted cooked carrots. Wait, jokes, no, that was just the lunch. 


12:15pm: Bathrooms and beds. Tuck those kiddos in, maybe rub a few backs and tell a few bedtime stories. 

12:30pm: THEY ARE ASLEEP!!! 

12:31pm: Remember you have work to do- lesson plan, take observational notes, prepare family conferences, have a team meeting, maybe take a break?

2:30pm: Wake those kiddos up for some snack! 

2:35pm: They start getting picked up, greet those parents, make sure everything runs smoothly, get out activities. 

3:00pm: Most of your students are gone. Life is good. 

3:05pm: For some reason you decide to take on a project because why not? 

4:35pm: You were supposed to leave by now. But there's too much decorating/organizing/planning to do. 

5:00pm: The schedule has been thrown out. You are always a teacher and there is always work. But you love it anyway. 




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