Weird Things My Preschool Students Have Said

May 10, 2017


1. There are three hundred bees here and they're angry.

2. Remember yesterday when I met you?

3. I’m really smart. I know 2 and 3 makes 5. 

4. I am a police cat. 

5. If a boy gives you pink flowers, he wants to marry you. 

6. You have lipstick all over your face. *talking about eyeliner*

7. Tuck me in like Darth Maul. 

8. *quietly from underneath a fitted sheet* gotta catch em all

9. I have to go to the garden to get the macaroni and cheese flower.

10. I was born with the force. For real life. 

11. First you put coffee on it and then a bandage.

12. I used up my speed. 

13. This is the leaning tower of pizza. 

14. My phone number is 600.

15. My favorite movie is Chucky because he cuts off a guy’s head. 

16. You have to go to jail because you’re a zombie. 

17. I gave you a unicorn tattoo on your hair. 

18. You have party hair!

19. Student: I see Haley sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

Me: Alright, fine, in this scenario who am I supposed to be kissing?

Student: The tree. 

20. Yes, I want to be naked.











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