Bloomsbury / Fall 2021

When high school senior Tally and her twin brother, Max, head off on a weeklong trip to Israel over their winter break, Tally thinks it will be a good distraction for Max; he might be trying to hide it, but Tally knows he’s still struggling in the wake of a car crash that injured him and killed the driver, who was driving drunk on the way home from a party. Maybe this will help him get back on track and apply to college the way he and Tally always planned.


But as the group travels across the country, Tally realizes her plan might not be working, and that her brother might not be the only one struggling with a major life turning point. When a new relationship gets complicated in the face of her own anxiety spirals and questions about her sexual identity, and she faces complex questions about the country’s history and her place in the Jewish diaspora, she finds herself grappling with even bigger thoughts about what’s next once they get home.

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